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Welcome to Tplusplus

Being innovative is hard work. Technology trends come and go. Understanding these trends and being able to take calculated bets on future tech can be a hair raising experience. But being an early adopter can have its rewards and can help you leapfrog ahead of your competition.
We enable you to make these decisions. We go a step further and help you implement those decisions and even build a turnkey solution for you.
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Who Are We

We are a group of nerds who love exploring the latest in technology.

Our Mission

We want to make this tech accessible to everybody and be a catalyst in its adoption

What We Do

We provide turnkey technology solutions or if you would like, we help your team hit the ground running with newest solutions.

Our history

We come from a variety of backgrounds, with each person bringing in a unique experience. 
TPlusPlus started as a George Clooney’s Up in the Air esque SWAT team which would go into organisations, get projects executed and get out fast.
From that it has grown into a complete turnkey solution provider for projects that are too different form the company’s usual workflow.
From white labeled games to interactive websites to embedded device UI to Virtual Reality, we do everything. Swiftly and Professionally.
We conduct training in Unreal Engine and are a Authorised Unreal Engine Training Center

Our Technology Plus Plus process


Is it interesting

We love projects that immediately grab our attention. Be it a wild idea your creative has dreamed up or an impossible looking plan. If it is interesting, we loike the challenge.


Is it fun

While we work hard, we like to have fun. Challenging projects are fun.


Is it cool

We surely like to have a cool portfolio to show, which makes us biased towards cool projects.


Has it been done before

Oh how we love to brag about doing things for the first time.


Is it hard

If it wasn’t hard enough, why would you come to us.


Can we deliver

While we do love a challenge, we are also practical minded and grounded enough to evaluate if we can deliver the project. Rest assured that if we have taken the project up, it will be delivered.

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Game development consulting services and training sessions

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