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More than 7000 hours of Unreal Engine training experience
for more than 30 top companies in the last year.

Introducing Hrishikesh Andurlekar—a distinguished professional with an expansive 21-year tenure that encompasses the realms of film, advertising, animation, and virtual reality. Commencing his career as a generalist, lighting artist, and CG supervisor with notable animation studios such as Crest and Prana, Mr. Andurlekar has since contributed his expertise to visual effects for leading Bollywood and Hollywood productions during his tenure at Rhythm and Hues and Pixion.

Elevating to leadership roles, he has spearheaded teams to produce television commercials, out-of-home advertising, and print visuals at Happy Finish and the Pixion Commercials Division. As Supervisor at Prime Focus Animation, he was instrumental in overseeing the technical direction and CG pipeline.

In 2016, he ventured into entrepreneurship with Tplusplus Interactive, which has since been recognized for its award-winning VR projects for Reliance Jio and has been pivotal in developing real-time broadcast graphics pipelines for Forever Group Myanmar. His contributions to Monk Studios Bangkok in designing real-time pipelines for animated films further demonstrate his capacity for innovation. Tplusplus Interactive’s portfolio also boasts the development of interactive games, simulators, and engineering visualizations.

Beyond his entrepreneurial achievements, Mr. Andurlekar is committed to the dissemination of knowledge, having trained over 50 companies in the Asia-Pacific region as an Unreal Authorized Trainer. In addition, his academic endeavors include serving as a mentor at Mastered UK and conducting the specialized course ‘AR and VR for Marketing and Business Applications’ at the Welingkar Institute of Management.

Mr. Andurlekar is also an avid language enthusiast, fluent in multiple languages, which complements his role as a creative technologist. His pursuit of new technologies and their applications in business contexts underscores his dedication to innovation and continuous learning. Engage with Mr. Andurlekar’s expertise to explore the strategic integration of AR and VR technologies within your marketing and business frameworks.

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Pre-requisites: No Prerequisites
Number of Sessions: 21
Duration: 21 x 3 hours (flexible as per your requirement)

  • Introduction to Unreal Engine
  • Introduction to Materials
  • Introduction to Lighting and Volumetrics
  • Introduction to Blueprints
  • Creating movies using Sequencer
  • Niagara Particle Systems
  • Unreal Motion Graphics and UI
  • Game Framework
  • Animation Framework
  • Media Player Framework
  • Niagara Intermediate
  • Editor Scripting
  • Landscapes and Foliage Systems
  • Level Designing Workflows
  • Post Processing
  • Asset Import and Management
  • Audio Framework
  • Networking and Multiplayer
  • Physics, Cloth and Hair Simulation
  • Optimization
  • Packaging and Publishing


Pre-requisites: Unreal Engine Fundamentals
Number of Sessions: 10
Duration: 10 x 3 hours (flexible as per your requirement)

  • Advanced Media Player Framework
  • Broadcast/Production Hardware and Unreal Engine
  • Automating Assets for VP
  • Understanding VP Workflows
  • nDisplay
  • Composure
  • Building Production Tools
  • Source Control
  • Color management and Post Processing
  • Rendering for VP


Pre-requisites: Unreal Engine Fundamentals
Number of Sessions: 10
Duration: 10 x 3 hours (flexible as per your requirement)

  • Blueprints Best Practices
  • Class and Level Blueprints
  • Debugging Blueprints
  • Gameplay Framework
  • Blueprint Functions and Macros
  • Blueprint Communication
  • Data Structures
  • Blueprint Nativization
  • Subsystems with Blueprints
  • Animation Blueprints

Pre-requisites: Fundamentals Course
Number of Sessions: 6
Duration: 6 x 2 hours (timings are flexible as per your requirement) (biweekly sessions)

  • Introduction to Unreal Niagara: Get acquainted with the basics of Unreal Niagara particle system. Explore
    the interface, terminology, and the role of Niagara in creating dynamic visual effects.
  • Particle Creation and Simulation: Learn to create and simulate basic particles using Niagara. Dive into
    emitter types, particle attributes, and behaviors to bring your effects to life.
  • Advanced Particle Behaviors: Discover advanced particle behaviors such as collision, forces, and dynamic
    spawning. Delve into complex interactions that elevate the realism and complexity of your visual effects.
  • Materials and Rendering with Niagara: Explore how to integrate materials with Niagara particles for
    enhanced visual impact. Learn to manipulate colors, textures, and shading to create stunning visual effects.
  • Real-time Interactions and Dynamic Effects: Explore real-time interactions using Blueprints to control
    and trigger Niagara effects. Learn to create dynamic effects that respond to in-game events and player
  • Performance Optimization and Final Showcase: Master optimization techniques for efficient particle
    systems. Dive into LODs, culling, and optimization strategies to ensure your effects run smoothly. Showcase
    your skills by creating a comprehensive Niagara-based visual effect project.
Unreal Engine training in regional languages - हिंदी , मराठी and မြန်မာ

All sessions are available in Hindi and Marathi.
वरील सर्व सत्र मराठीतूनही उपलब्ध आहेत.
उपरोक्त सभी विषय हिंदी में उपलब्ध हैं.
ကဏ္ဍအားလုံးကို မြန်မာဘာသာဖြင့် ဖတ်ရှုနိုင်ပါသည်

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