Experience the magic of Virtual Photoshoots

Great images without a photoshoot.
Just upload 3 photos of yourselves
We will do the MAGIC

You should receive the images on your e-mail id within 3 days.

For any issues e-mail: customerservice@tplusplus.co

Step 1: Enter your name and e-mail id. Whatsapp number is optional.
Step 2: Describe your desired look in about 100 words.
Step 3: Choose the number of Virtual Photoshoot Photos that you would like to be generated. The total cost will be shown next to it.
Step 4: Upload 3 photos of yourself. One with Neutral Expression, One with smiling expression showing teeth and One with a smiling but showing no teeth. You can take these photos with your mobile camera. Make sure that the size of photos is not more than 2MB each.
Step 5: Enter your Credit or Debit Card number along with your Card expiry date and CVC. We do not store your credit card information.
Step 6: Consent to the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.
Step 7: Submit and Make Payment.